Will Eric Kripke Be Back For ‘Supernatural’s Sixth Season ? “YES HE IS !!!” {The Watcher}

Posted: February 17, 2010 by ddbabygirl13 in Uncategorized
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The CW network has given early renewals to 5 of its series: “Supernatural,” “Vampire Diaries,” “Gossip Girl,” “90210″ and “America’s Next Top Model.”

UPDATE: When I asked a CW representative whether creator/executive producer Eric Kripke would return for “Supernatural’s” sixth season, I got a three-word reply: “Yes, he’s back.”

Remember when Kripke said he had a five-year plan for the show? However, as he said last summer at Comic-Con, Kripke has re-thought that plan and has stated various times in the last year or so that he could see how the Winchesters’ story might last longer than five years.

So, my fellow “Supernatural” fans, the Winchester chronicles will get a Season 666. Wait, I meant Season 6 — my fingers slipped on the keyboard. Or maybe the Devil made me do it?

Not on the CW’s early-pickup list: “Melrose Place” or “Smallville.” But there is a chance those shows, especially “Smallville,” could get renewals later in the season (things aren’t looking quite as good for “Melrose” but you never know). IGN’s Eric Goldman recently talked to CW president Dawn Ostroff and it looks like a “Smallville” renewal is likely.

Also, the CW’s “Life Unexpected” isn’t on this list but I very much hope it gets a second season. It’s a sweet show that you may really enjoy if you liked “Gilmore Girls.”

By the way, I hope to post my thoughts on “Supernatural’s” “My Bloody Valentine” soon — sorry that review is abominably late. A weekend out of town got in the way of me posting those thoughts in a timely fashion.

The “Supernatural” and “Vampire Diaries” renewals aren’t unexpected, but I want to hear your thoughts on all these shows. Are you excited to get more “Supernatural” or are you wondering how they’ll top Season 5’s Apocalypse? Are you digging “The Vampire Diaries” as a guilty, blood-soaked pleasure or do you think it bites?

Do tell in the comment area.



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