© SHA WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – Samantha Ferris Interview

Posted: January 10, 2010 by ddbabygirl13 in Uncategorized
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Y’all cried a lot when she died in the mid-season finale ! And now here she is, answering our questions !

© SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS ADDICT WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – To Celebrate the 300.000 Visits of our blog, Samantha Ferris has exclusively agreed to answer the questions of the SHA Weblog’s admins !

This interview has been processed online by personal emails so I can assure you that it’s really Samantha who answered the questions…

Samantha talks about her past as a radio announcer and she also talks about her experience on the TV Show Supernatural Playing Ellen Harvelle, she also talks about his relationship with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver etc… She tells us more about the crew & co, and more about a possible “Come back”… And more…

These questions were asked by the admins and three of our most active “Visitors/Commenters” On the blog, Niki, Poucca & Lola…


Read the rest here


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